How often have you heard a Christian pastor/bible teacher declare that Romans 13:1-5 requires Christians to submit to their governmental leaders – no matter what, and that they are sinning if they don’t?  

For years, spiritual leaders have been shackling believers with a flawed interpretation of Romans 13:1-5 – especially as to how it applies to citizens living in a republic like ours.  

Consequently, Christian people who would normally stand against tyranny, believe that they owe slavish, unlimited submission to their government.  So, the American church stands by doing little to stop the wickedness that is allowed to flourish all around them.  

Is this what God intends? 

We must find a biblically consistent answer to this question.  Must we submit to a government that denies or conceals the truth?  Must we submit to a government that abuses the innocent or allows them to be abused?   

In Unlimited Submission?, Patriot Pastor Dan Fisher tackles this controversial topic and proves conclusively that Christians not only have the right, but the responsibility to stand up to tyrannical leaders – no matter the cost.